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Our team

Team members

We appoint members to our team to make sure everyone’s doing the right thing. Every member of our team is chosen to be a supportive member of the server; to keep the server open, and available to everyone. Our staff members serve the members, and everyone has the right to get in contact with those in charge.


Executives are in charge of all lower positions; they have the ability to remove and appoint staff members, and manage permanent punishments. You probably won’t see these staff members in-game often because they also are responsible for the Discord server, and community advertising.


Developers are responsible for programming and maintaining custom, and non-custom, plugins on the server. They have access to every command, manage permissions using /luckperms, and are able to manage server files. These staff members spend most of their time on Discord and GitHub, and often aren’t in-game.

Senior Mods

Senior Mods are given the same permissions as Mods. They are responsible for issuing longer punishments, and have access to /unban for non-permanent punishments. Senior Mods are also given moderation abilities on the Discord server.


Mods are the basic staff members on the server. They have basic moderation permissions, such as /ban and /mute with limited punishment lengths. They also have additional non-moderation privileges such as /tpo.