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Our mission

We want to deliver a better; more modern, resourceful, and secure server experience for everyone.

Guided by principle

Everything that we’re built around, every idea we adopt as a principle of the server, and down to who we select to be our staff members is cemented within our mission statement. Who we are as a server is where our values and trust lie as an organization; a supportive and experienced group of aspiring designers; developers, and engineers.

Who we are

A group of aspiring designers; developers, and engineers. A collective who believes that sometimes everyone needs a place to kick back, block by block, bit by bit. An organization who is dedicated to transparency and excellence.

What we’re doing

Building an in-game community that’s more resourceful, efficient, supportive, and always has the member at heart. We’re putting architects, developers, and designers together for everyone’s creative side.

Our values


Who we’re designing for


How we started

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