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Read up on server procedure and policy, learn how to get around, and see how every piece fits into the puzzle.

Our documentation pages are our actively-maintained instructions for our server, and many online services. Anyone can learn about community culture, advanced in-game commands, or just how to be a smarter server member.

  • Introduction (to in-game server, website, and community)
  • Navigation (of in-game server, online dynamic map utility)
  • In-game management (w/ browser-based file server)
  • Resources (in-game block logging; particle and mob mgmt.)

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Our legal policies help users understand applicable laws and regulations for our services. Commitment to privacy is a keystone of the organization’s operations and how security factors into the server environment.

  • Terms of service (of accepted guidelines when using our services)
  • Privacy policy (of how personal information is used on our services)

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