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Make use of custom server plugins for yourself with their extendibility, view and edit our documentation and legal policies offline, learn how we present our server identity using logo branding, and view the source of our website. All of our logos, source code, and documents are free to download.


Contains the source code to Converse, a custom plugin for the in-game Minecraft server to manages operator permissions, in-game functions, and staff member tools. It is served under Spigot for Minecraft Java Edition, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

Download Converse v1.0.1


Contains information such as our introductory material, server policy, support, and staff member information. Any general information for how things work on the in-game server is also included within the documentation. Living documentation files are hosted on the website.

Contains all information for how we operate legally as a server, including how your privacy is secured and the terms for its use, and what the terms for using our service. Living legal policies are hosted as the terms of service and privacy policy.

Press kit

Contains all branding information for anywhere our logo may need to display. Including but not limited to, displaying the logo in-game, and alternate logo colors for various backgrounds and color schemes. All logos are saved in .PNG and .SVG filetype versions.

Download press kit


Contains the source code for the homepage on, the server website that provides fundamental particulars, information and resources. It is forked from the U.S. Web Design System, and is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license.