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Guidelines give the community a direct and consistent set of rules. If you are caught breaking the guidelines, a staff member can take the necessary course of action.

General policy

This portion of our rules focuses on standards we set for in-game conduct and gameplay etiquette. All of our guidelines reflect the optimal behavior practiced by example members.

Referral commands


Other members that have visibly broken the guidelines can be reported. Only file a report when a staff member isn’t around to deal with the issue. There are different ways to report a member; one may be quicker for you than the other.

In-game reports

Reporting a member in-game is very simple and requires no additional information than the name of who you’re reporting; but you should still be careful with the tool and know what you’re doing before filing a report.

Command usage

Staff members can't be reported in-game; you must know the username of who you're reporting. If this won't do, file an online report instead.

Online reports

Online reports will ask the name of whoever’s in question, what they did, and why you think they did it. Reporting helps staff members improve their activity and effectively handle the situation.

If you're reporting a staff member, please designate so in the report. If a situation is urgent and a staff member needs to be removed, please [contact](../contact) leadership.

You can file a report through the form here. It’ll be read and we’ll assign someone to deal with the problem; if nothing happens, let us know.


Most bans are temporary and eventually expire, but members are always given the opportunity to appeal before that time has passed. We provide a quick and easy way to file a ban appeal; you can appeal a ban if at least one of the following are true:

Members filing appeals who are suspended must designate so in an appeal.

No matter the platform you were barred from, all eligible members—as dictated by the requirements above—are entitled to file an appeal.

Online appeals

You may not appeal a temporary ban if you have been banned for the same reason over two times in a row. If your ban message does not state that the ban was temporary, you may be suspended. You cannot appeal a suspension. Use the form here.

If you’ve filed a ban appeal and you haven’t been met with a response (reasonably), please contact us and we’ll look through the records. If your ban was denied, please don’t file duplicate entries.