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Information center

All documentation and campaign library information is under construction and is unfinished. Currently all information has yet to be updated, or checked for language and grammatical proficiency. Accurate, complete and proofread information files will be marked with a green quality seal.


Learn about server-exclusive features, reference commands, and index policies with our hand-written legislation.

Our documentative chambers provide actively-maintained (non-correlative) instructions; unto our server, and many online services. Exemplary activities such as automated instruction, and programming, are specifically outlined within these texts.

  • Introduction (to in-game server, website, and community)
  • Navigation (of in-game server, online dynamic map utility)
  • In-game management (w/ browser-based file server)
  • Resources (in-game block logging; particle and mob mgmt.)

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Campaign libraries

Specified information on proprietary extensions, server plugins, and on-board software. Contains branding information (along with web resources) and plugin libraries.

  • Introduction (to general library information and contribution)
  • Developer library (of collections for information on plugin code contribution)
  • Magisterial library (of policy and procedures for staff members)
  • Judicial library (of rights and legislative handling of members)

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Our legal policies help users understand applicable laws and regulations for our online services. Commitment to privacy is a keystone of the organization’s operations and how security factors into the server environment.

  • Terms of service (of accepted guidelines when using our services)
  • Privacy policy (of how personal information is used on our services)

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