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A more informative website

By almanacks on

Our website on has always been where we host the server’s most important information. From our documentation pages to support channels, it’s all online. Pretty soon, we’re adding more pages to make support, and website navigation that much easier.

Why change?

I’ve made the goal of the website to focus on language that, regardless of your age, is easy to understand and to the point. A goal I’ve set for the server is to make finding information and getting support as easy and painless as possible.

Having separate pages for frequently asked questions, or separating useful support forms didn’t go along with that mission.

What’s changing?

The biggest change for support is the introduction of the help portal. Everything is in one place, for any question you could have.

Some other changes are also ones that are only for appearances, though. Some examples include our site footer, with the addition of a new column and color scheme, or how staff members display on the team page.

Everything else

A lot of our content is being updated to focus on its flow, and to use more simplistic language, too. Any (and all) remaining changes to the site is updated on our Discord server. Take a look over at the #support channel if you haven’t already.

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