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Preparing for launch

By almanacks on

We created this blog as another way to make sure no one is left in the dark when it comes to what’s going on around here. The first post here will be about when the server releases to the public, when, why, and how it’s going to happen, along with all the information you need to get involved.

Look at this cool caption!


Everything is going to happen on July 10th at 2PM EST. By then, we’re going to be up and running, and anyone can come and use the server. All of the information in our documentation, and our other services will be in full swing.


We’ve been no stranger about making it show we’re invested in creativity. The first eight words everyone reads on this site is outlining our mission to creativity. By launching, we’re bringing an understanding of the value of creativity to everyone as a group of designers, developers, and engineers.

We’re not just for anyone who wants to build in-game, though. As a collective, we’re trying to power everyone’s imagination, whether yours is more in the form of a programming language, or someone with a skillset with pen and paper. Mine is when I have a pair of drumsticks in each hand.

Before we launch, you can read some of the bios our staff have written to make this new place feel more like home.


All of our staff team’s hands are going to be on deck. Everyone is going to be around to moderate what’s going on in-game, as well as being a supportive face for anyone who’s joining for the first time.

Part of our community is also built with trust between members, so, if you can be a helping hand, please reach out to those who need it.

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