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An end-to end creative platform for the spontaneous architect.

An open-source network of experienced and aspiring members; designers, developers, and engineers establishing an environment for freedom.

Interim leadership

The directorial staff will away for a prolonged time period, leadership has decided to appoint two of our staff members to be active directors to head the server temporarily.

Introducing multi-version support

Join us using the version that is favorite to you; from 1.8 to the latest, 1.13.

Blocks from newer game versions may display differently for older instances.

Bedrock-based clients

Coming soon

Upcoming to the server will be accepted connections for the multi-platform Bedrock architecture; this capability is aimed to provide cross-platform and full support for pocket devices.

Make the connection.

Featured read

What sets us apart- what makes us so different to ask 'why?', jump and make the connection.

  • A heightened awareness for security and privacy, foremost.
  • Consistency, simplicity and organization. Everything is in one place, no surprises.
  • Open-source, downloadable and ready to be adapted.
  • Always accessible help and our documentation means you won't be lost.
  • Responsible and reliable support; get in touch with five different methods.
  • Advanced plugins for architecture; build how you want.
  • Universally secure w/ constant server logging and archiving; [literally] block by block.
  • Always backed up; never lose your work or worry about deletion.
  • Worlds galore and free from the limits by what one single world has to offer.
  • A speedy and reliable server with adequate storage for anyone and everyone.

Join the community

More than a server; we’re an open-source network of experienced and aspiring members–designers, developers, and engineers.